This is my site where I write about the things that learn new, things that I enjoy doing as well as the things that would like to share with the rest of the world.


I am have been an educator for more than 20 years now! That’s a long time! I have enjoyed every single moment of being an educator. I have had many roles in the education industry, worked as a teacher, lecturer, senior lecturer, mentor, counselor, e-learning facilitator, instructional designer.e-learning leader and senior learning technologist.

As an educator I always looked for opportunities to provide knowledge and skills in an interesting and engaging manner. I was involved in several interesting projects where I had the opportunity lead and manage such tasks. It was not only in the face to face mode that I have delivered courses but also in the online world. The online course delivery is somewhat different to face to face course delivery, however it is as satisfying as face to face course delivery when you can provide education to people who have accessibility issues or who are constrained of studying due to other reasons in the face to face mode.

In this site I will be sharing my thoughts, findings and collections of educational, recreational and other finding.


Dr. Kulari Lokuge


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