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Mozila bages by Carla

This site shows how Mozila badges are created and used in various situations.

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Carla’s posts

Carlas WordPress site:

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Design for Learning

An attempt at a digital image for Week 3. I was inspired by Week 2’s Twitter Chat’s question:

Q2: Is the future teacher a computer or a human?

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 4.36.52 PM

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Fintan O'Mahony

After two articles in the irish papers and radio and tv interviews (links below), where I was asked about how I use twitter in my classroom, I decided to detail what exactly I do, so that it’s a little clearer.

Before I begin though we have to talk about fear. There’s so much fear about the educational value of twitter from teachers, managers, parents and students that some might be worried about entering that lion’s den. My answer to these fears is simple: the internet is where kids are, schools have to go there. It was video for an earlier generation and tv before that. It was probably radio once and I’m sure some Greeks were worried about writing things down rather than learning them by heart. Students will always be ahead of us, so why not meet them there, rather than dismiss them as fad-followers or time-wasters?


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E-Learning and Activities

E-Learning and Activities.

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Welcome to funlifelonglearning where you will learn some fund activities. Learning while enjoying life is one of the key things to be a successful person. In this blog I will share with you interesting cooking tips as well as other educational findings.

My research interests are use of technology for education, education for all and how e-learning can change our lives. With some research done in the past it is time to share the findings and make life enjoyable and useful. You will read about use of technologies, how to use some tools and how to make life interesting.

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