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Higher Education for Rural Victoria…e-learning

Early morning we set out for a great journey, to attend for the inauguration ceremony at Sherpparton. It took nearly three hours for the journey, but the beautiful view along the way was bright and peacefully entertaining. The ceremony was simple but was very close to my heart. The project is about providing education for rural students in Victoria to gain higher education qualification.

The total learning model is based on a model close to my heart. It was at NCS we started delivery course using the facilitated online delivery. The concept has been extended to provide U2Uni which again an area that I am working with Katherine. The resources that we have been creating will be used for this course. Also the model that we have developed for the blended learning model will be adapted for course delivery where students are well supported to learn with a flavor of Gilly Salmon five step model. In this model initial stages we provide lots of facilities, support and make the environment very familiar to the students that would  motivate  them to be able to take initiatives to discuss, interact  and learn collaboratively.

The Minister of Higher education Mr. Hall and the Minister of rural and indigenous education were present and they both were very supportive towards the project that blend the Higher education and rural education institution MACE together. It was pleasant to put names to faces as well as to see the students who will benefit through such a collaborative project.


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