E-Moderating course development


In 2011 after Prof Gilly Salmon joined Swinburne University, she delivered mini lectures called “one hour to the future”which covered different topics such as e-moderating, voice tools, e-tivities and OERs. I managed to attend all these sessions. During these sessions she mentioned about the Carpe Diem method. In March 2012, I was lucky to attend a Carpe Diem training session. I also participated in the e-moderating course when it was offered for the first time here at Swinburne.

At the graduation ceremony for the “E-Moderating” we discussed about the course and how it can be further improved using other tools and technologies so that staff can be exposed to innovative ways of course delivery and use of tools to in crease pedagogical value while engaging their students in the course content.

I offered to assist if need arise. The next time around when SPL decided to offer the course, they had made changes to the course and I was helping them implementing the new course. Couple of people from SPL and a e-learning leader from TAFE were also working on reviewing and re-developing the course. I reviewed and supported in the process helping them out during my free time. With a long history to this course, now with the new position at Learning Transformations, I have worked with Janet to re-design the course.

Course design:

The original course consisted several discussions which were very thought provoking and that generated discussion within the group. It was amazing to see how the participants discussed about different things, some threads had more than 200 posts.

However, the course was quite text heavy and there was limited opportunity to use other media such as video and images. In this iteration of the re-design process we have extended the course content to multimedia, by adding audio, video and image. It enables the participant to see how they can use/not use these tools when they deliver courses.


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